Women's Economic Mobility Hub

Women's Economic Mobility Hub: Maine Women's Fund and Wabanaki Public Health & Wellness, working together to advance gender and racial justice

Wabanaki Women's Economic Mobility Hub: At this pivotal time when economic mobility is essential to surviving the financial uncertainties resulting from the COVID-19 crisis, especially among Indigenous, Black, Latinx and immigrant women, we're pleased to partner with Wabanaki Public Health & Wellness to launch the Wabanaki Women's Economic Mobility Hub. We're collaborating with Wabanaki Public Health & Wellness, an organzation that has been leading on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis to identify and serve the needs and interests of Indigenous women and families and their communities, as part of a nationwide initiative of ten hubs supported by the Women's Funding Network

Goals: The goals of the Wabanaki Women's Economic Mobility Hub are to create a deeper understanding of the barriers to economic mobility and security for Wabanaki women and to develop strategies to overcome those barriers.

Why is this Important? The economic impact of COVID-19 has had dramatically unequal consequences on the livelihoods of Indigenous women and girls across the nation, with Wabanaki communities experiencing unemployment rates 4-5 times that of non-Native people long before COVID-19. Innovative community-based approaches are increasingly critical to the response and recovery effort.

Powerful outcomes already! Our partnership with Wabanaki Public Health and Wellness to create healing through a deeper understanding of the barriers of economic mobility and security for women by listening, creating, dreaming, and believing has already engaged 38 partnerships across multiple sectors, reaching 1,452 Wabanaki women and 936 children, while actively developing strategies and implementing programs (like designing and building a culturally-based recovery program with child care and family support) to overcome barriers to economic mobility.  


To learn more:

Brief written overview of the Hub (2 page PDF)

Video overview of the Wabanaki Women's Economic Mobility Hub (4 minute video)

Virtual Site Visit with Wabanaki Public Health and Wellness (6 minute video)

In-depth interview about the values driving this work with Lisa Sockabasin, Director, Center for Wabanaki Healing and Recovery and Wabanaki Public Health (22 minute video)

In-depth interview about the values driving this work with Kimberly Crichton, Executive Director, Maine Women's Fund (20 minute video)

Resources: We encourage other foundations and donors interested in building trusted relationships with Native leaders and tribal communities to explore the tools and reports Native Americans in Philanthropy has created as a resource, including this powerful funder self-assessment tool. We are grateful for the learning of our national economic mobility hub cohort which introduced us to the amazing woman-led team who did the research for the Reclaiming Native Truth Project, which includes this important resource, titled "Changing the Narrative for Native Americans, A Guide for Allies."