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Volunteer Opportunities

For those who are interested in our mission, and are looking to volunteer your time and talent, you can volunteer to serve on one of our Committees. Please see what we have below, and contact Kimberly for more information about our committees. 

We also look to community members to provide pro-bono assistance support to the Fund, including graphic design, publicity opportunties, community partnerships, etc. Please contact Maine Women's Fund with your ideas.

Maine Women’s Fund Committees                                                                          



Time Commitment


  • Spring Luncheon, Portland
  • September Swift Grant Celebration, Bangor
  • October Women Mean Business, Portland
  • Create program
  • Solicit sponsors
  • Solicit presenters (as appropriate)
  • Create “buzz” in social media, with colleagues
  • Monthly planning
  • Bi-weekly toward event
  • Event day participation


  • Ensure branding standards in all public interactions
  • Create collateral for events
  • Create social media calendar and images
  • Create and produce Annual Report
  • Monthly planning
  • Creative work between meetings possible
  • Possible “overtime” to ensure production on time


  • Ensure the organization’s operating cash flow and debits are appropriately watched, audited, and maintained
  • Board Treasurer is chair
  • Quarterly meetings
  • One hour, generally at noon in downtown Portland


  • Ensure the organization’s invested endowment is appropriately watched, audited, and maintained
  • Understanding the financial market, stocks / bonds, and investing strategies is very helpful
  • Quarterly meetings, after each annual quarter and finance committee meeting
  • One hour, generally at noon in downtown Portland

Annual Grants (Invitation Only*)

  • Set expectations for grant year
  • Read 65+/- Letters of Interest; rate a portion of the LOIs.
  • Meet  with committee to narrow down to a few to send full proposals
  • Read full proposals, rate them
  • Meet with committee to determine the slate of proposals to recommend to the Board for funding
  • One summer meeting to make any changes for new grant year
  • Time to read 65 +/- two-page letters of interest in February, then attend 2 hour meeting
  • Time to read 20 – 25 full proposals (5 – 8 pp) and meet with committee in April/May for 2 hours

Swift Social Justice Grants (Invitation Only*)

  • This committee is composed of people of and from the communities which are intended to receive SSJG, specifically communities which have been marginalized in this social and political environment: minorities and people of color, religious minorities, LGBTQ+, etc.
  • Grants are given on a monthly, rolling basis. Grant requests are less than two pages.
  • Monthly meetings as necessary to respond to grant requests
  • Generally less than one hour, at the office or on the phone

Board of Directors (Invitation Only*)

  • Fiscal responsibility for the organization
  • Policy direction setting for the organization
  • Consensus based decision making
  • Monthly meetings (at present, 1st Wednesday of each month except where it is a holiday)
  • At least one committee (each committee is chaired by a Board member, so one may also chair the committee)
  • “All else as requested”


* The Grant committees and Board of Directors are carefully cultivated and chosen to ensure needed expertise and diversity of viewpoints in order to better meet our social change Mission. This is not intended to deny anyone's participation - please call us to discuss your interest.

We are also happy to connect volunteers with the phenomenal non-profits providing direct services for women and girls in their community.