Swift Social Justice Grants

The Swift Social Justice Grant program has allowed a wide variety of communities to meet urgent challenges head on. We are so proud to stand with women and girls from Immigrant, LGBTQ+, Indigenous, Black, Communities of Color, low income communities, and other marginalized communities in this way. 

WHY we created this program

The Maine Women’s Fund created the Swift Social Justice Grants Program to stand with women and girls from communities at risk in our current policy and social landscape as they lead action to address immediate threats or take advantage of opportune moments.

WHO should apply

The program is designed to meet timely requests from organizations being led by and for women and girls from communities of color, religious minorities, LGBTQ+ communities, immigrants and refugees, low income communities and other communities disproportionately impacted by the current social and policy landscape. Organizations serving all people, as well as organizations serving boys and men, may apply. All funding requests must specifically explain how those who identify as female will lead and be positively impacted by the grant work in the short and long term.

GRANT size

Eligible organizations can apply for up to $2,000. Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis and can expect an answer to their request within four-five weeks of submitting their application. For successful applicants, contracts and checks are processed shortly after that. 

WHO we've funded so far

Thus far we've given out over $55,000 in Swift Social Justice Grants to over 30 different organizations. Awards included support for: African Women Infant Children Assistance; Choose Yourself; Coded by Young Women of Color (CYWOC); Community Change Inc.; Cross Cultural Community Services; Eastern Woodlands Rematriation; Empower the Immigrant Woman; EqualityMaine Foundation; Finding Our Voices; Gedakina; In Her Presence; League of Women Voters Education Fund; Maine Community Integration; Maine Jewish Museum; Justice for Women Lecture; Maine Immigrant Rights Coalition; Women's March – Maine; Maine Women's Policy Center; MaineTransNet; Mano en Mano; New England Arab American Organization; For Us, By Us and the Rise and Shine Youth Retreat; Passamaquoddy Tribe; Poor People's Campaign; Presente! Maine; Somali Bantu Community Association; Somali Community Center of Maine; Wabanaki Health and Wellness; Wabanaki Public Health; and the YWCA of Central Maine.

TO APPLY for a grant

Please contact Kimberly Crichton at kimberly@mainewomensfund.org, if your organization and your work is a good fit for this unique funding opportunity Kimberly provides eligible organizations with guidance on the process and the link to the short application form.

TO GIVE to this program

The Maine Women’s Fund welcomes donations large and small, and it is possible to designate your gift specifically to the Swift Social Justice Grants Program. 

Special thanks to the women who spearhead the Karen Moran Leadership Fund, which seeded this grants program. Some of them are pictured here: (left to right) Marilyn Bronzi, Patrice Moran, and MaryLou Michael, with Executive Director Kimberly Crichton.