For Professional Advisors


For Professional Advisors

Your clients care about making an impact on Maine communities. The Maine Women's Fund is here to help. By partnering with the Fund, you can make it easier for your clients to give effectively while also enabling them to receive substantial tax benefits. Please call (207.774.5513) or e-mail Kimberly for an appointment. 

Many donors have chosen to set up charitable funds, annuities and bequests with the Fund. It’s an easy way to support Maine women and girls now and into the future.

If your client is interested in setting up a charitable fund, annuities, a bequest or other planned giving options, the Maine Women’s Fund is the best—and only—philanthropic source of support focused on increasing economic security for women and girls in Maine. 

As a public foundation, we provide the maximum tax advantages under state and federal law. We also accept a wide variety of assets. In most cases our annual fee is more affordable than the costs of a private foundation and includes all of the following services:

Donor Advised Fund
Creating a Donor Advised Fund with the Maine Women’s Fund is much like opening a bank account, and it can be done in less than half an hour. Simply provide the necessary information and once the account is open, transfer at least $10,000 in cash, bonds, mutual fund shares or publicly traded stocks to the Maine Women’s Fund to begin the Donor Advised Fund. You then can recommend grants from the Donor Advised you created, and monitor the impact of those grants. The process is simple and the rewards are significant. For more specifics call or e-mail Kimberly @ 207.774.5513.

The Ellen Wells Legacy Society welcomes anyone wishing to leave a planned gift to benefit Maine women and girls. The easiest way is to make a bequest is including specific language in your will or living trust naming the Maine Women's Fund as the recipient of a testamentary gift. Your will or living trust can include gifts of cash, securities or personal property. You may contribute a specific dollar amount, or a percentage or residual of your estate. Your estate will receive a charitable deduction for the full donation, so your heirs will not pay estate tax on these assets.The Fund is able to provide sample language to include in your will or trust, as well as a guided review of our gift policy. 

Endowed Fund
An Endowed Fund at the Maine Women's Fund is a permanent and self-sustaining source of funding to empower Maine women and girls. Endowment assets are invested, and each year a portion of the value of the fund is paid out to support that particular fund’s mission. Any earnings in excess of this distribution are used to build the fund’s market value. An endowment fund can grow and provide support for its designated purpose in perpetuity. This is a wonderful option for those looking to honor a loved one's memory, or to create a permanent legacy for your own philanthropy. 
Read about the Karen Moran Leadership Fund.

Charitable Gift Annuities
The Maine Women's Fund charitable gift annuity is a contract between the donor and the Fund in which the Fund pays a yearly amount based on the ages of the individual or individuals receiving the annuity and the value of the gift. Donors can decide whether to accept an annuity for their own life and/or another beneficiary. Reduce capital gains tax exposure, create a current fixed income and secure future charitable gifts.

IRA Gift
Donors 70 ½ and older may make tax-free gifts directly from an IRA. An annual maximum of $100,000 applies.

Contribute appreciated securities to provide valuable support while receiving tax advantages.



If you are interested in creating your own fund or learning about other options for giving, please contact Maine Women's Fund at 207-774-5513 or via email.