Women of Maine: Elizabeth McLellan

Elizabeth McLellan

Women of Maine: Elizabeth McLellan

As the conflict in Syria deepens, the plight of refugees fleeing that war-torn area continues to deteriorate. In the face of Syria’s suffering Partners for World Health, a South Portland-based non-profit, is collecting and preparing thousands of pounds of medical supplies for shipment to Syria to help treat traumatic injuries, as well as baby bottles and mattresses to meet the basic medical necessities of a displaced population.

Elizabeth McLellan, (a former Nursing Administrator and resident of Portland) founded Partners for World Health to meet the challenge of worldwide medical supply deficiencies that left the U.S. with a surplus of medical supplies and the developing world with desperately under-resourced healthcare facilities. Since 2007, McLellan has built an organization of dedicated volunteers and a worldwide transportation infrastructure that efficiently redistributes discarded medical supplies to vulnerable populations in places like Syria, Haiti and many other locations in Africa, South East Asia and Central America.

The Maine Women’s Fund is pleased to recognize Elizabeth McLellan for her dedication to improving healthcare to those most in need across the globe. Partners for World Health not only makes an impact internationally, it is a Maine-based role model that can be replicated across the U.S. to improve the vast global medical supply chain, saving money and lives in the process.

To read the recent Portland Press Herald article about Partners for World Health click here.

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Posted 12.02.2015 under News and Resources