The Coming Wealth Transfer

The Coming Wealth Transfer

From MPBN’s Maine Calling:

Much has been made about impact of the baby boom generation - on everything from the divorce rate to health care to politics to the workplace. Well, here’s another one:  the baby boom generation will have a huge impact on how money is redistributed in this country. As boomers retire - or die - an estimated 59-trillion dollars will be passed on to heirs and to charities - 29-billion in Maine alone. The phenomenon is known as the “wealth transfer.” We look at the effect of the wealth transfer - with those who are giving the money, those who are receiving it, and those who are overseeing the process among the groups directly involved.

Listen to “The Coming Wealth Transfer” on MPBN’s Maine Calling. 

Featured guests include: Sarah Ruef-Lindquist, CEO, Maine Women’s Fund; Karen Milliken, CFA, Vice President and Portfolio Manager, R.M. Davis; and Dana Baldwin, Program and Communications Director, Maine Philanthropy Center.

Read Sarah Ruef-Lindquist’s article on the coming wealth transfer: “Women are in the driver's seat”.

Posted 09.06.2014 under News and Resources