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2017 Grantees

Congratulations to our 2017 grantees. At a time in this Country where the voices of women and girls are missing at so many tables, the work of these stellar organizations is especially important!  Each of these grants helps us achieve our mission, to transform the lives of Maine women and girls through strategic grantmaking, community engagement and support...Read more

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Spotlight on Impact: Run. Learn. Protect.

It has been a very busy fall here at the Fund, with visits to several of our grantees and lots of planning for our future grant work. With big shifts in the external environment, we wanted to share the important work of Maine NEW Leadership, Immigrant Legal Assistance Program, and Four Directions Development Corporation, three of of our strong...Read more

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Post-Election Letter to Our Friends

The election season is over, and the results have left many feeling uncertain and fearful. We, the board and staff of the Maine Women's Fund, are ready to move forward and work with you, our grantees, and our community partners to champion Maine's women and girls. We challenge the status quo so that every woman and girl has equal...Read more

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Spotlight on Impact: Girls Scouts of Maine

Last year, with funding from MWF, Girl Scouts of Maine initiated an innovative curriculum, Sharing the Wealth: Leading Girls to Financial Literacy. The aim of the proposal was to train volunteer troop leaders in Androscoggin and Kennebec Counties to deliver the program to Girl Scouts in their areas. Girls Scouts of Maine chose this target area due to high rates of both...Read more

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Powerful Partnerships

“I grew up surrounded by songs of rebellion, protest, peace, and justice. I watched Princess Leia stand up to Darth Vader, Wonder Woman defeat the bad guys with her lasso of truth, Jessica Fletcher fearlessly take on sexists and murderers. The ringwraith who couldn’t be defeated by any man was brought down by a woman. Is it any wonder that I grew up to believe I could save the world?!...Read more

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Empowerment vs. Accountability: Conversations about Consent

Should survivors of sexual assault be counseled to be empowered, to have good boundaries and a positive self image or should perpetrators be held accountable for their actions? This question and many others like it are the outgrowth of conversations the Next Step Domestic Violence Project is having with 7th and 8th grade students. Their “Addressing the Root Causes of Gender-Based Violence” project seeks to create...Read more

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Women of Maine: Emma Hathaway

When she was 14 years old Emma Hathaway’s parents brought her and her brother sailing on the Timberwind, a windjammer out of Rockport Harbor. It was late October, theboat’s last trip of the year. Interest piqued and eager to help, Emma was offered the job of cook for the following season. “After that summer,” Emma said “I knew there was nothing else half so much worth doing.”

That first summer aboard the Timberwind,...Read more

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Maine Women’s Fund gives huge thanks to community

On Sunday, May 8 members of the communities in southern Maine and in midcoast Maine came together to celebrate Mother’s Day and support the Fund by having the great pizza of Flatbread in Portland and in Rockport.  On behalf of the board, staff, grantees and over 600,000 women and girls in Maine, we are full of gratitude to the Flatbread community for making the Maine Women’s Fund the beneficiary of part of the proceeds on Mother’s Day....Read more

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Women of Maine: Melissa Raftery & Megan Wood

“Creating a space where people can come together and share their day-to-day lives and a cup of coffee is what local rural island life is all about.” -44 North Coffee owners, Megan Wood and Melissa Raftery

On a chilly, raw March...Read more

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Wayfinder’s Schools’ Passages Program


“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”-Philip Pullman

Storytelling is an age old art; stories can educate, inform and entertain and they provide a means to relay the narratives of our lives and those of others. Stories can also help us process and their telling can be a rite of passage. This is Jasmine’s story.

In her...Read more

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Women of Maine: Mufalo Chitam

For Mufalo Chitam moving to Maine was an adventure. Born and raised in Zambia, Chitam received her BA in Public Administration from the University of Zambia and worked for an American-based non-profit. But when the exciting opportunity presented itself in 2000 she, her husband and their two year-old daughter set out for Portland over seven thousand miles from home. “We arrived in October,” Chitam laughed, “a family friend suggested we come to...Read more

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Elder Abuse Institute of Maine (EAIM): Safety at Every Age

“I still can't get over what a miracle Martha's cottage was for me. I know in my soul he would have killed me had I not left when I did. He had talked of killing me before but this time he was more quiet, more resigned to it as if it were inevitable. I just knew it was going to be the end for me and I had to get out.”

Martha’s Cottage is a women-only, transitional home for elder victims of intimate partner abuse, sexual assault and...Read more

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MWF CEO Sarah Ruef-Lindquist to speak at the Tuesday Forum, March 15, 2016

BANGOR, ME:  On Tuesday, March 15, the Tuesday Forum will host guest speaker Sarah Ruef-Lindquist, Chief Executive Officer of the Maine Women’s Fund and chair of Maine’s Permanent Commission on the Status of Women. The Commission advises the Governor and members of the Legislature about policy and social issues affecting women and girls in the state.

The...Read more

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Spotlight on Impact: Making Ends Meet with Money Minders

Budgeting. Making and sticking to a budget is something with which too many people struggle. Last year the average U.S. household owed $7,281 in credit card debt. Not student loans, not outstanding mortgage balances, just $7,000+ in consumer debt, while the typical American family earned a yearly income of just $53,657 according to the US Census Bureau.[i] Now those are some sobering budget...Read more

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