Judy Kahrl, 2015 Sarah Orne Jewett Awardee

Judy Kahrl

2015 Sarah Orne Jewett Awardee

As a daughter of the founder of Pathfinder International, Judy Kahrl grew up in a family where reproductive health and birth control was dinner table conversation. While visiting Pathfinder programs in the developing world, Judy saw how women's access to comprehensive reproductive health services changed their lives by improving their own health and that of their families, and by empowering women to participate in their communities. In recent years, Judy and other women of her generation have become increasingly outraged by the numerous laws passed to restricted access to family planning and abortion clinics in the US.

Judy channeled this frustration by establishing Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights in 2013, also known by its acronym, GRR. Collectively, the grandmothers advocate statewide for secure access for all women and men to the reproductive rights, justice and comprehensive health care for which the grandmothers' generation fought so hard.