Funding Priorities

We're Investing in Change and Supporting Greater Collaboration Through Our 2022 Annual Grants Program!

We Build. We want to support collaboration among the organizations that have been at the forefront of the work to transform the lives of women and girls across Maine the last 5 years. 

Our community's collective energy is focused on meeting dire needs across Maine while making the pivotal, underlying systems and social change needed to create greater gender equity, especially for Black, Indigenous, and Women and Girls of Color. We remain committed to leadership grantmaking that supports organizations led by and for Black, Indigenous, and Women and Girls of Color as they continue to lead the structural change required for a more prosperous future for all of us. 
We Invest. We will be evolving and streamlining our grantmaking program in 2022 to support this collective strengthening work.
We Connect. More information to come this winter! 


Eligibility: The Maine Women’s Fund makes Annual Grants to programs that address the needs of women (of all ages) and girls in Maine. Eligibility is limited to nonprofit organizations or groups that demonstrate tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Service Code Section 501(c)(3), are tax-exempt 7871 federally-recognized tribal organizations, or groups that submit an application through a fiscal sponsor that meets these requirements.

Types of Funding

  1. General Operating Support: Operational costs that maintain and sustain the ongoing work and programs of an organization, i.e. salaries, benefits, rent, copying, phone, etc.

  2. Program or Project Grants: New or existing program/project costs or those that may be in addition to an organization’s regular programming.

Areas of funding (see details below)

  • Education
  • Financial Skills & Literacy
  • Healthcare
  • Leadership
  • Personal Safety
  • Policy

2021 Annual Grants: For general information about what we fund please see our 2021 Annual Grant Guidelines. We released our 2021 Letter of Interest (LOI) form in early January and received 52 responses. These will be reviewed by our Grants Committee in February and applicants invited to submit full proposals will be notified in early March.

Annual Grants are complemented by the ongoing Swift Social Justice Grant awards, which are strategic for the Fund because they are developed by and for women and girls in communities most impacted by the current social and policy landscape. Several of our Swift Grantees have later become Annual Grantees, helping us to reach more women and girls, invest in more women leaders, and be more inclusive in our grantmaking. 

On occasion, the Maine Women's Fund will also raise funds to meet an immediate need for women and girls. Our 2020 Safety First for Women emergency fund allowed us to shift resources and attention to two of the biggest needs facing women across Maine during the COVID-19 pandemic, domestic violence and the needs of direct care workers.

We welcome your questions about our Annual Grants or our Swift Social Justice Grant opportunity. Please contact us at


Offering education and training to build confidence, self-reliance, independence and safety.

Financial Skills & Literacy

Increasing the financial skills, opportunities and/or literacy of individuals or the 25%+ of Maine’s businesses that are woman-owned.


Providing access to, and improving the quality of, healthcare for women and girls.


Providing operational support for non-profit organizations run by and for Black, brown, and Indigenous women.

Personal Safety

Advancing personal safety, including freedom from and care for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking.


Identifying gender-based disparities and implementing the policies to correct them.

Capacity Building for Grantees

The Fund provides technical assistance around the issues of social change, power analysis, communications, and civic engagement. 

For more information on grantee workshops, contact our Executive Director.