Funding Philosophy

Economic Security Grants

Economic security is the cornerstone of the Fund’s mission. A woman’s ability to take care of herself, her family and contribute to her community depends on her financial security. With economic security, women can break the cycle of violence and access better housing, health care and employment. The Fund invests in non-profits committed to helping achieve economic security for all Maine women and girls. Since 1989, the Fund has granted more than $2 million to 188 organizations.

The Fund provides critical funding to nonprofit organizations within six strategic areas that together advance the economic security of women and girls: Education; Financial Skills and Literacy; Healthcare; Leadership; Personal Safety and Policy.

Application Details

Check here in the fall for a timeline for our 2018 annual grant cycle.

2017 Grantees are listed below.


Offering education and training to build confidence, self-reliance, independence and safety.

Financial Skills & Literacy

Increasing the financial skills, opportunities and/or literacy of individuals or the 25%+ of Maine’s businesses that are woman-owned.


Providing access to, and improving the quality of, healthcare for women and girls.


Ensuring women and girls of all races and classes have access to opportunities to reach their full potential.

Personal Safety

Advancing personal safety, including freedom from and care for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking.

Public Policy

Identifying gender-based disparities and implement the policies to correct them.

2017 Grantees



Capacity Building Workshops for Grantees

In addition to financially supporting grantee organizations through grants, the Fund helps its grantees to increase and strengthen organizational capacity to optimize sustainability. These initiatives may include workshops on influencing policy, grant writing, marketing, fundraising, event planning, advocacy, and how to build a culture of philanthropy.

The Fund also provides technical assistance around the issues of social change, power analysis, communications, and civic engagement. 

For more information on grantee workshops, contact our Grants Director.


Grantee Workshops