Annual Grants

Congratulations to our 2018 grantees! At a time in this country when we are watching movements like #MeToo continue, families are being torn apart in many ways, and equal pay still considered "a goal," these organizations are at the front lines, fighting for women and girls.  Each of these grants helps us achieve our mission, to transform the lives of Maine women and girls through strategic grantmaking, community engagement and support to nonprofit organizations dedicated to social change.

Again this year, these grants are complimented by the ongoing Swift Social Justice Grant awards, which are strategic for the Fund because they are developed by and for women in communities most impacted by the current cultural and policy landscape. For the first time, some of our Swift Grantees from last year are now Annual Grantee this year, helping us to reach more women and girls and diversify our grant portfolio. 

As part of the review process, Grants Committee members (made up of board and former board members, former grantees, and other philanthropists with expertise in our funding areas) are asked to summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the proposals. We share these notes with all interested organizations who apply, as we think that is vital to strengthening their future proposals to the Fund, as well as other Funders. This allows the Fund to support organizations committed to social change, even if we are unable to Fund an application in a given year.

Since 1989, the Maine Women’s Fund has been creating social change by investing in the power of women and girls. The Fund is the only Maine Foundation focused exclusively on advancing women and girls. In 28 years of grantmaking for and by women and girls, we’ve given away more than $2.25 M as 435 grants supporting over 200 different organizations

We look forward to releasing our 2019 Annual Grant Opportunity on January 2, 2019!