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Maine Women's Fund

The Maine Women's Fund is a public foundation that makes bold investments that transform the lives of Maine women and girls.

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to transform Maine women and girls.

We are happy to announce our 2018 - 19 grantees! We support nonprofits that are dedicated to the betterment of women and girls throughout the state. Since our inception, the Maine Women's Fund has given 435 grants totaling more than $2.25 million to more than 200 separate organizations.

This grant cycle, the Fund received letters of interest from over 70 organizations, ranging in various sizes, from all areas of the state. The Grants Committee invited 22 of those organizations to submit detailed proposals. After futher assessment and diligence, 14 organizations were selected for funding, based on: strength of the program and organization; the clearly identified need for the program; diversity of programs and its beneficiaries; and opportunities to make the greatest impact across the Fund's six funding areas. 

"We are grateful for our many generous donors and sponsors who make the grants possible. The chosen organizations will support women and girls throughout Maine move toward new opportunities for personal growth and community leadership," said Dr. Candace Walworth, Board member and Chair of the Grants Committee. "This year's grantees demonstrated strong and diverse leadership which will help catapult their strategic goals and mission."

To learn more about the organizations we support, read these summaries describing our annual grant partners and our swift social justice grant partners

Our 2019 Annual Grant Opportunity is now closed and we'll be annoucing our 2019 Grantees in early June. To learn more about what we fund, you can review our Grant Guidelines