Kimberly Crichton

Kimberly Crichton

Grants Director

Kimberly joined the staff of the Maine Women’s Fund as the Grants Director in 2017, having previously served as a contracted Grants Coordinator since 2013. She learned about the Maine Women’s Fund, and philanthropy, as a participant in the New Girls’ Network in 2002-2003. As a result of that experience, she became interested in philanthropy, and how funders and non-profits can best work together to achieve their missions and advance lasting change.  In 2012, after nine years designing, developing, and managing grant programs at the Maine Health Access Foundation, she founded her own business, Transform. LLC, focused on advancing social change.

Drawn to the power of change, the written word as well as art and craft, Kim is a philanthropic advisor, an advocate, a self-taught artist, and a graduate of Bates College and American University, Washington College of Law.   As Artist + Principal at Transform. LLC, she pursues her interest in processes of transition and transformation from a number of different perspectives.  In her sewn art work, her stitches highlight the change that comes about from the destruction of one thing and the birth of another.  Her philanthropic advising is focused on similar goals – supporting change through Foundations and non-profit work that makes a real difference in people’s lives and truly advances the mission of the organization.

Kimberly lives in Bridgton, ME and when she is not consulting, she spends her time outside, or in the studio, and on any number of grand adventures with her dog.  She is always inspired exploring the mountains and lakes around her home, visiting the urban wonders of Portland and Lewiston, exploring the sweet, hidden treasures in the southern tip of Maine, and traveling North to her hometown of Bangor and beyond.  She is so grateful for all the different Maine communities that have shaped and informed her life and her experiences.